We welcome your input and involvement with MightyBook. You are an essential ingredient in the mix which makes us relevant and important to the provision of excellence in education for our children.

We hope you will find the time to communicate with us. We welcome your input in the creation of additional online content that helps improve reading proficiency and comprehension. We have provided an E-mail link below for this purpose.

Lesson Plans:
The following printable lesson plans that match selected books on our site are offered here free for your use. They are in PDF format. Simply click on the titles of your choice and download them to your computer. Please keep a check on this page, as we will be adding lesson plans for additional books on a regular basis.

Black and Red Ants
Do Not Open
Fire Engine Fred Saves The Day
Gwendolyn the Library Fairy
The Legend of Mighty Bookworm
Pop Went the Bubble
The Jungle Bungle Journey
When I Find Courage
The Telephone Game
Blue Lined Socks
Cat Went Moo and the Cow Meow
Crazy Mixed-Up Yak from Yakima
The Good, the Bad and the Porky
House for Sale
Jungle Bungle Journey
The Run-Amuck Pigbot
You, Yew, Ewe are Homonyms Too

The books for all these plans are available on the Main Catalog.



Betty Eaves
Director of Content
MightyBook Inc.

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