Children sing songs, read stories, play games, hear jokes and solve puzzles while they learn to read and speak English.

What Professional Educators and Home School Teachers Say about MightyBook

"At first I was skeptical. So many websites are nothing more than a babysitter…just to keep kids quiet. I ordered MightyBook because for the very first time, my students look forward to our reading time, and they're learning something." Southbank International School… LONDON, UK

"For anyone wanting to teach English as a second language, I highly recommend MightyBook. The earlier you introduce students to English the better, and you can start teaching them at under 2 years old on this website." Sheng Kung Hui Primary School… TAIPA, MACAU

"Finally, a website that really does make reading fun for kids, and it's a great addition to my after school programs." Fenton Area Public Schools… FENTON, MISSOURI

"As a home school teacher, it's important for me to know my kids are actually learning something from a website. MightyBook has been a great addition to my curriculum in the home." Charlotte County Public Schools… PORT CHARLOTTE, FLORIDA

"I was very impressed with the story books. I was able to find some used computers so more kids could use MightyBook at our Kindergarten." Carson City S.D… CARSON CITY, NEVADA

"The fact that the words are highlighted as they're read aloud makes a big difference. I can stop the books and ask my kids questions about comprehension. I think the music really helps, too. Thanks MightyBook. Keep up the good work." Amity S.D. 4J… AMITY, OREGON

"I don't know of any website that offers what you do. My first, second, third and fourth grade teachers all use MightyBook. I've been a principal for eleven years and I've never seen children more excited about their reading lessons." Houston I.S.D… HOUSTON, TEXAS

"We've got a virtual library of several hundred MightyBooks and counting. And we look forward to the five new books every month. My kids are now telling their parents about the website, and they want to access the site from home! Can I have the PTA call you about subscribing?" Davis S.D… FARMINGTON, UTAH

"This is a great resource for our Special Education students. MightyBook supports our goals in the development of our students' literacy skills." Lynchburg City Schools… LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA